OK, here on this page I’m offering some genuine finest Field-Quality orgonite devices. There’s another page here somewhere that has fancy orgonite stuff. Now, What exactly do I mean by the technical term, “Field-Quality?” What I mean is, it ain’t very pretty looking. But it will work, and soon you will grow to enjoy the clunky beauty of each and every piece. Then, you can throw it in a ditch, or whatever makes you most happy.

Handmade from basic quality materials:

Busters: 3+ ounce resin/metal matrix, clear quartz crystal. Finally- a pet rock that really does something!
Dream Cones: 8 ounce size, resin/metal matrix, clear quartz crystal, hematite, clockwise coil of copper wire. Elegant shape, energy is said to be about that of 4 or 5 Busters.
Earthpipes: approx 12.5″ long, 1.5″ diameter copper pipe, large CW coiled crystal at base, hematite, about half filled with metal/resin matrix, the rest is resonant cavity.
Tinted some appropriate drab color, with a few prettier ones thrown in. Wabi-sabi aesthetic practically guaranteed!
All of my orgonite is made with positively charged water and/or charged crystals per “the exotic Laozu method” for highest potency. In addition, the positively charged water contains EM, an agricultural product that I think makes the orgonite feel very powerful. I’ve just started doing the EM part, if you don’t want EM just say so and I will make some without. The charged water and EM, well around my house it’s kind of like that old Palmolive commercial…”Marge, you’re soaking in it!”

Prices and Ordering:

20 for $50
50 for $100
100 for $150
Dream Cones

$9 each
5 for $40
10 for $75

$25 each, 6 for $100