What is Orgonite?
Orgonite is a mixture of metal and plastic resin, with minerals and sometimes copper coils, useful as a meditation and environmental clearing tool because of its high and automatically-centering vibration. Orgonite devices are believed by many to offset the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and other negative energies. Orgonite is an experiential substance, whose properties are just now being established.

A Brief History

In the 1930’s and 1940’s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich posited that an unseen energy permeates our experience. He called this energy orgone, and said that orgone energy could exist in two states: either as Dead Orgone (DOR), which is bad for living beings, or as Positive (or Pure) Orgone (POR), which is good for living beings. This energy is believed by many to be similar or the same as prana, ch’i, or aether.

Dr. Reich discovered that layers of organic (carbon-containing) material alternating with layers of inorganic (metal) material would create an effect that balanced the DOR and POR of the immediate environment. In the late 1990’s other researchers began creating a matrix with the same properties by mixing epoxy resin and metal shavings—the epoxy providing the organic layer. Quartz crystals were added to increase the intensity of the field generated and to create devices that, rather than merely balancing the DOR and POR, actually transformed DOR into POR.

What’s Orgone On With Y’all?

Deadly Orgone Energy is found in microwave and ELF radiation from appliances, televisions, electrical wiring, cell phone and relay towers. It is also found at sites of “geopathic stress” and in places where great trauma has occurred. Pollution and smog are states of stagnant energy weighed down with DOR. When the energy is converted from deadly to positive, Nature is better able to heal and balance. People gain perspective, humor and discernment. Water tastes better, birds sing more, and Aunt Clara finds her teeth right where she left them last week!

Orgonite pioneers have used this substance to make variously-shaped items to place in homes, neighborhoods, or anywhere there is energetic blocking or disturbance. There are as many variations as there are people making orgonite. These people are a diverse and merry bunch. The basic recipe, however, remains the same: pour epoxy resin over metal particles, with a quartz crystal thrown in. You can make it in a muffin tin, a dixie cup, an intricate sculptor’s mold or a bathtub. It works.

Your Humble Narrator Warms to His Subject

So, what do I mean when I say that orgonite is an experiential substance? Simply be in the presence of this material, and see what effect it has. I think orgonite has improved my life–its gentle wisdom and aura of positivity has accelerated my personal growth, made it easier to keep things in perspective and “walk on the sunny side of the street.”

Odd, isn’t it? The idea that something that rather resembles a pet rock can influence life for the better, well that sounds kind of silly. I have approached this whole process with a skeptical mind from the beginning–in my opinion, that’s only healthy. But I’ve seen weather get better, people become happier, water taste better, positive changes happen more easily. Laughter, involvement and communication increasingly are replacing anger, pointlessness, and distance. Those are my experiences, and I’m not here to make up your mind for you. But I will say “try it and see.”

Everything on Earth has a unique vibration, an essence that is just as real as anything that can be seen or touched. Ever walk into a room after people have just had an intense argument? Or arrived at a party or gathering where everybody is having a wonderfully warm, enlivening time together? That energy is perceptible to most people. We all perceive the flow of energy in our environment, but often don’t have the tools or language to work with what we perceive, so often as not, we ignore it.

Starting to work with subtle energies can be thrilling–one is reconnecting with a part of perception that has been ignored, and finally using it! Orgonite is not the cure-all, stop-all-your-searching-and-suffering answer for everything, of course. But in my opinion orgonite acts as a stimulus to warm, loving perception and a gentle, high-vibrational teaching tool.

Enough already! What a seemingly tireless philosopher I am! So, go on and explore some more, or acquire some orgonite of your very own. Find out what you can do with orgonite, and then tell people what you have discovered!